Hone your skating, shooting and puckhandling skills while having a fantastic time playing 2 on 2!!

The benefits of playing small area games are being proven all around the globe for significantly improving skills development and hockey sense – more puck touches, more passes, more battles, more shots, shot attempts, finding open space and defending.

We at Rinkeye are super excited to launch the inaugural 2 v 2 season for multiple age groups: Novice, Atom and PeeWee.

League play starts November 10. 

Rosters will be 7 players; games will be 20 minutes. 2 games per player every Saturday.

Depending on enrolment, we will do our best to appropriately group age, gender and skill level.

The “season” will be 8 weeks long, every Saturday afternoon.

Team shirts will be provided.


Minimum required hockey gear:

  1. Skates
  2. Helmet with cage
  3. Gloves
  4. Hockey stick

Suggested additional gear required hockey gear:

  1. Shin pads (even soccer shin pads)
  2. Elbow pads
  3. Protective socks (example kevlar sports socks)

Games are continuous play; no stoppages, no face-offs.

Each game will have 1 referee. Scores will be updated on the Rinkeye website.

You will have 7 League Games Guaranteed + Playoffs

Enrolment at Rinkeye 2 v 2

If you want to enrol a team or have friend requests, send names, ages and level of the players to info@rinkeye.com.