Coach Development

Being a hockey coach is an amazing and fulfilling experience, but it also  can be stressful and difficult.  Coaches must lead the team strategy, work the bench during games, motivate players, provide structure, and support players who are frustrated or struggling. These are just some of the many roles required to be an effective coach.  We can help your coaches become a great coach and team leader through our Coach Development program, which provides coaches with instruction in both the on-ice and off-ice skills they’ll need to thrive over the season and provide their players with the best possible hockey experience.




Tailored to  your association’s needs, strategic goals, and budget for coach development.


$250/coach development session


Each coach must complete the RinkEye waiver form prior prior prior to their session (or first session if your team signs up for multiple sessions).  A legal guardian must sign the form for players under 18 years of age.

Want to develop your goalies at the same time? Their welcome to take shots in nets on the shooting lanes, or consider providing them with a private or semi-private coaching session at the Dave Stathos Goalie Performance Center, co-located at RinkEye.