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Skating Treadmill

Having strong skaters is essential to your team’s and players’ success on the ice, regardless of what position they play.  Great teams have players who are fast, powerful, and agile on their skates.  Like any skill, skating is something your players can continuously improve with ongoing effort and coaching.  But it’s hard to give good, useful feedback to each skater ‘in the moment’, especially when you have 15 kids on the ice. 

Our solution?  Our skating treadmill.  Research conducted over the past two decades shows that skating treadmills help hockey players improve their skating technique, increase their power, and decrease their stride rate.  The research also shows that the improvements that players make on a skating treadmill transfer to the ice.  Our coaches will work with each of your players, one-on-one, for 60-90 minutes.


3 hours

Three back-to-back blocks of 60-minutes
(each block is designed for 4-6 players)


1-on-1 coaching


Pay As You Go

$300 per session

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Each player must complete the RinkEye waiver form prior to the start of their first session.  A parent or legal guardian must sign the form for players under 18 years old.

Want to develop your goalies at the same time? Their welcome to take shots in nets on the shooting lanes, or consider providing them with a private or semi-private coaching session at the Dave Stathos Goalie Performance Center, co-located at RinkEye.