Player Development Pack


30-60 minutes


5 x 1-hour skating treadmill sessions (stride, mechanics, strength, and endurance)

5 x 30-minute personal training sessions (1-on-1 training for shooting and puck handling)

5 x 1-hour open shooting lanes (practice on your own)



30-for-30 Personal Training

One Day Only promotion: September 28th, 2019 


30 minutes


Personal training session (1-on-1 training for shooting and stick handling)



How to fit a hockey stick

‘Tis the season – Back to Hockey Season.

A gentle reminder to properly fit your hockey player for their gear. While tempting to get a larger size to allow for growth, we want all of our players to be properly protected and play to the best of their abilities. Improperly fitted equipment can hinder performance and/or lead to injuries.

For example, when it comes to hockey sticks there are a couple of guidelines to consider:


LENGTH – on skates, the butt end of the stick should be between the player’s nose and lips at the longest. And not shorter than the chin. This is at least the player has played long enough to know their preference of longer and shorter and the advantages/disadvantages

FLEX – generally, divide the player’s weight by 2 and that is approximately the flex. A 100-pound player should use a stick with a 50-flex. This is also influenced by shooting mechanics and fundamentals. Many players rush too quickly to use a stiffer stick. Also remember, if you purchase a 50-flex stick and cut it down to an appropriate length, you have effectively stiffened the stick!

CURVE – mainly personal preference – some allow for more puck control or quicker elevation for example.

PURCHASE – At RinkEye, we have a selection of True Hockey sticks with a variety of flexes & curves that you can try before you buy.

Come on in – let’s shoot some pucks!


All prices are ‘per player’.

You must complete the RinkEye waiver form prior to the start of your first day of camp.  A parent or legal guardian must sign the form if you are under 18 years old.